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17 year-Old Boy Kills His Father After an Arguement

Aug 14, 2021 #DCI
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A family feud between a father and his juvenile son in Nandi’s Kapkoros area turned fatal when the 42-year-old man succumbed to injuries inflicted on him by a blunt rod.

The two were on Monday night reported to have engaged in a heated scuffle over an unestablished matter, before resorting to a punch-up that saw the enraged 17-year-old land the heavy rod on his father’s head.

The man was rushed to Miteitei hospital while unconscious by his neighbors, but unfortunately, he succumbed yesterday while still undergoing treatment at the facility.

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The juvenile has since been arrested by Nandi Hills detectives pending arraignment.

Elsewhere in Nakuru’s Kiamunyeki area, detectives are pursuing a man reported to have murdered his 34-year-old wife by stabbing her last night.

John Mburu Njuguna – the suspect behind the gruesome killing – reportedly accosted his wife at their homestead’s gate at around 9pm Wednesday night, before driving a sharp knife through her neck and leaving her for dead.

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Their 10-year-old daughter who witnessed the horrifying incident raised distress calls, where shocked neighbours thronged the scene hoping to help save the woman’s life.

Sadly, her body went cold and lifeless before she could get to hospital.

The suspect who managed to escape the wrath of his irate neighbours is still being sought, with a team of Nakuru-based detectives pursuing the case.

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