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Jobless Woman Sues speaker for Ksh200,000 monthly child upkeep

Jun 21, 2021
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Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka has landed in trouble for impregnating a woman.

The woman Irene Naswa Mutaki sued Lusaka demanding to be paid Ksh.200,000 per month in support for her unborn child.

In court documents seen by Taarifa News the woman is also seeking an order requiring the Speaker to pay a lump sum amount of Ksh.25 million if he is unable to meet his monthly obligations of Ksh.200,000.

The cause of their disagreement was exacerbated by the Lusaka’s insistence on the Irene to terminate the pregnancy, a proposal that she declined to and now she is three months pregnant and counting since she discovered that she was expectant.

According to her she has not been intimate with any other man other than the Lusaka.

She alleges that, as the father of the unborn child, he has refused to fulfil his obligation to support her by providing for her and the unborn kid’s necessities.

“the Respondent despite being a man of means, has refused, neglected and/or ignored to take care of the Applicant’s Pre-natal Clinics necessary to ensure the wellbeing of the un-born child perhaps in the hope of stressing the Applicant and causing a miscarriage of their unborn child.” read the letter from the lawyers.

According to lawyer Shadrack wambui who is handling the case, their client must be given a decent care as from conception.

“She has that right because the constitution stipulates that the right of the child begins at the time the mother conceives,” Wambui said.

The lady says that they have been having an intimate affair with Lusaka since 2018 adding that since she fell pregnant she has been dealing with pregnancy difficulties that could endanger her unborn child’s life, and that Lusaka has continually refused his association with her despite the fact that he is well aware that they have been having unprotected carnal knowledge together for years.

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