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New Bill to Regulate Food Handling and Eradicate Food Poisoning

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By Reporter

Sponsored by Upper Savannah Ward Representative Stazo Omung’ala, who also serves as the deputy majority whip, the Bill titled ‘Food Safety and Fortification’ addresses various aspects of food production, storage, distribution, and consumption to ensure a safe food environment for residents.

Hon. Stazo Omung’ala poses for a photo with the ODM Leader Raila Odinga

Speaking to reporters at City Hall, Stazo highlighted the increasing incidents of food poisoning attributed to various food handlers in the county.

He said that the Bill is at the Second reading stage and emphasized that the implementation of would help regulate the industry and mitigate such risks.

“The objective of this Act is to strengthen regulatory monitoring for compliance on food safety and fortification, thereby increasing demand and consumption of safe and adequately fortified foods,” explained Hon. Omung’ala.

He further noted that the Bill aims to monitor and assess food safety and fortification performance at different levels, including the industry, market, and household levels.

“I am grateful to my colleagues for their unanimous support in passing this motion. We aim to establish a framework for resource mobilization, financing, and performance management in promoting food safety and fortification,” added Stazo.

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