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How Jateso is Strategically Popularising ODM in Teso

Apr 25, 2024
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ODM popularity in Teso land is now on top level thanks to turf spoken Nairobi Assembly Majority Leader Peter Imwatok who has declared the Teso region Orange by actions.

Speaking in one of his public rally in Malaba Town, Jateso said his ambitions is to make Teso an ODM wielding zone in the next general elections.

”UDA will be something of the past in 2027..Wajipange mapema,” he told the crowd
“We have been doing bad but since arrival of our son here ODM is gaining ground .We must thank him for a good job he has revamped ODM offices and everything is in line.” Denis Koto one of Teso ODM leaders said.
“We are happy and we can now assure Baba that Teso is intact courtesy of Jateso.Kura ni kwa ODM na tutaleta vitu vyote.” He added.

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