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Umoja One MCA Ronald Mugambi Defends Dish na County Program Against Critics

May 2, 2024 #Kenya News, #News
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Umoja One MCA, Ronald Mugambi, has stepped forward to staunchly defend the Dish na County program amidst criticisms from some local politicians in Nairobi County.

Addressing the media from his office today, Mugambi emphasized the importance of allowing the initiative, spearheaded by Governor Sakaja, the necessary time to fully materialize before passing judgment.

Mugambi asserted, “Any good new initiative must have some ups and downs. The program is still in its initial stage, and we are currently navigating through the challenges of balancing between the construction of kitchens and providing meals to children.”

He further highlighted the positive impact that the Dish na County program has had on education in Nairobi’s public schools, noting a significant increase in enrollment. Mugambi expressed confidence that once the construction of all kitchens is complete, the program will operate smoothly. He urged critics to focus on the positives of the project rather than dwelling on temporary setbacks.

In response to concerns about accountability, Mugambi assured that issues of transparency and oversight will be addressed. He dismissed critics who merely raise objections without offering constructive solutions, emphasizing the need to ignore baseless noise surrounding the program.

Mugambi’s remarks come in the wake of allegations regarding the misappropriation of donor funds amounting to Sh 144 million, earmarked for the Dish na County program. The funds, contributed by the French Government, were intended to support the initiative launched by Governor Sakaja in October 2023.

According to an oversight committee, the funds were channeled to the Food for Education Foundation, a non-profit organization serving as the implementing partner for the program. The foundation operates feeding programs in various counties, including Nairobi, where it produces 184,000 meals per day for an enrollment of 360,000 children.

However, challenges persist, with more than half of the enrolled children still lacking access to meals due to production shortfalls. Despite initial targets aiming to produce 250,000 meals per day, the program continues to grapple with capacity limitations.

In response to concerns raised by some parents regarding the standards of the meals provided, Mugambi emphasized the importance of addressing such issues through constructive dialogue and collaboration. He reiterated the commitment of the Food for Education Foundation to ensure the well-being of school children and uphold the highest standards of food quality and safety.

As the Dish na County program navigates its early stages, Mugambi’s message is clear: patience, cooperation, and constructive engagement are essential for the program’s success. By focusing on the positive impact and working collaboratively to address challenges, stakeholders can ensure that the initiative fulfills its mandate of supporting the educational journey and well-being of Nairobi’s school children.

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