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Real Estate Stakeholders assure safety of properties amid flooding

Apr 30, 2024
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The association of Real Estate stakeholders (RESA) has dismissed claims and fears that most of their properties are prone to floods.

The reaction comes in the wake of the ongoing rains that has seen most parts of country flooded.In a statement to newsrooms, Chairman Association of Real Estate stakeholders (RESA) Kinyua Wairatu urged Kenyans to continue buying land asserting that the problem we have in this country is to do with drainage.

Wairatu said that drainage used in most parts of country was constructed many years ago ought to be repaired as soon as possible.

“We don’t have any problem with our properties. The biggest challenge we have is to do with drainage. We want money set aside to address this issue completely,” said Wairatu.

He said the ongoing rains have caused flooding even in high end areas of Runda and Kileleshwa.

“This is a problem affecting everyone. It is not only to do with our properties but even in areas where one never thought can experience flooding,” he said.

As rains pummel the city, evidence of Nairobi’s creaky drainage system is everywhere: a trail of death, filth, crumbling walls, crumbling houses, fallen trees, impassable roads, potholes turned into craters, flooded roundabouts, deluged cars, stranded commuters, stalled trucks and intractable traffic jams.

The drainage system installed in the 1920s has barely been upgraded to match both the planned and unplanned developments wrought on the city over the years.

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