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Athi Water Works Development Agency Welcomes Eng. Joseph Mungai Kamau as New CEO

May 20, 2024 #Kenya News, #News
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The Athi Water Works Development Agency (AWWDA) celebrated a momentous occasion today as Eng. Joseph Mungai Kamau was officially appointed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), marking a new chapter in the organization’s journey towards excellence and innovation.

The Board members, management, and staff gathered to extend their warmest congratulations and express their unwavering support for Eng. Kamau’s leadership. The Board members also hailed the AWWDA’s strategic plan as their guiding principle, emphasizing Eng. Kamau’s pivotal role in realizing the Agency’s goals and objectives over the next three years. “The Strategic plan is our Bible, Eng. Kamau is now your leader for the next 3 years,” remarked Board Director Simon Mukhwana, highlighting the collective determination to achieve success under Eng. Kamau’s stewardship.

In a show of solidarity, the management reaffirmed their commitment to supporting Eng. Kamau as he leads the institution through a period of transition and growth. “We are committed to supporting Eng. Kamau 100% as the institution transitions and grows to the next level,” stated Mike Kimotho representing the management team, echoing the sentiments of the entire management cadre.

The AWWDA Board Chairman Mr. Charles Karondo underscored the significance of Eng. Kamau’s appointment, describing it as a milestone in the agency’s journey towards greater heights. “This is a significant milestone in the journey of AWWDA to steer AWWDA to greater heights,” the Chairman remarked, expressing pride in the direction set forth by the Board and the appointment of Eng. Kamau.

Eng. Kamau, in his remarks, expressed gratitude for the confidence placed in him by the Board and outlined his vision for the agency’s future. “It is a great moment to appreciate the board for the confidence you have shown in me to drive this institution forward,” Eng. Kamau stated, acknowledging the support of his colleagues and outlining his commitment to excellence.

With ambitious goals and strategic initiatives on the horizon, Eng. Kamau emphasized the importance of sustainability and innovation in AWWDA operations. “With the support of the board, we are exploring key strategic areas to be able to operate sustainably as a bulk water provider,” Eng. Kamau added, reiterating his commitment to maintaining AWWDA’s status as a prominent institution in the water industry.

As AWWDA embarks on this new chapter under the leadership of Eng. Joseph Mungai Kamau, there is a sense of optimism and excitement for the future. With a shared vision and a commitment to excellence, the agency is poised to achieve new heights and make a lasting impact in the water sector.

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