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KWS Receives Boost of Crucial Wildlife Management Resources

May 20, 2024 #Kenya News, #News
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In a bid to support wildlife conservation and further enhance wildlife management capabilities, the Shiraz & Leili Wildlife Foundation donated essential veterinary and capture vehicles, as well as refurbished equipment, today at the Ivory Burning Site in Nairobi National Park.

Kenya Wildlife Service Director General Dr. Erustus Kanga received this substantial support, noting that the donation—which includes an Isuzu truck, lifting crane, Mitsubishi flatbed truck, Toyota Land Cruiser, and rehabilitated elephant translocation equipment—will significantly boost KWS’s ability to manage human-wildlife conflicts, support crucial translocation efforts, and ensure the ecological integrity of diverse wildlife populations.

He extended heartfelt gratitude to the Shiraz & Leili Wildlife Foundation for their unwavering commitment and invaluable partnership in safeguarding Kenya’s wildlife heritage for posterity.

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