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Safaricom Planning mega Launch That will Revolutionise M-pesa

May 19, 2021
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Safaricom Plc is planning to launch a “super-app” this month which aims to bring all its products and services into a single M-Pesa app.

The app, already available as a beta on the Android and IOS stores will provide users with a variety of features such as static and dynamic QR code payments as well as a chat functionality.

Additional features include wealth management offerings where Safaricom has partnered with local licensed fund managers to enable users to save and invest any amounts between Ksh 100 to Ksh 300 000.

With the app, Safaricom is seeking to bring together all its different consumer services for the first time. The also app aims to provide its customers with a range of products and services offered by other third platforms that the telco is currently working such as gas delivery, booking of buses and trains among others.

M-Pesa Super App API

Safaricom is also planning to release an API for the super app whereby it will enable third-party app developers to build more products and services on top of the system.

Super apps offering access to different digital services on one platform are already popular in Asia especially in China with the likes of WeChat taking the lead. However in Africa, many are yet to take off.

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