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Former NTV Journalist Does What ‘Omosh’ Failed to do

Jul 2, 2021
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Lolani Kalu, former Chronicler at NTV has thanked his fans for helping him when he greatly needed their help last year.

In an interview with Jalas, he asked his fans to support the veteran journalist.

“Tunapoendelea mafans wako wengi wanasema jamani Kalu Jamani tupatie hata number ya M-pesa tukutumie kitu M-Pesa. Wanakupenda hawa?” posed Jalang’o.

This got the former NTV reporter emotional and he shed tears in the middle of the interview.

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It is elating to report that Lolani is back on his feet and has opened a music recording studio.

“As of now, I have a recording studio, a camera to do my recordings and to also go live with,” he said.

He added,

“I have written a music theory book in Swahili titled Mawe Saba and I would like to request the Ministry of Education to have it in schools for music lessons.

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“I have also recorded songs in the studio and I would kindly ask them to help me in shooting the video

“I also have another song speaking about the importance of being united as a country. I also ask them to subscribe to my YouTube channel, Lolani Media, so I can start earning from the site.”

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