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Football Stakeholders Turn heat on Nick Mwendwa Over Match Fixing Claims

Aug 2, 2021
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Stakeholders in Kenyan football have come out to condem the actions by the Football Kenya Federation to fine Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards.

Led by the former President of the Federation then Sam Nyamweya, they have said that it is wrong for the Federation to do such a thing considering the two teams are the pillars of the country’s Football.

Last Week AFC and Gor Mahia failed to honour a derby fixture due to unpaid dues by the Federation.

In a statement signed by Sam Nyamweya to Fourth estate members, it read:

“Football Kenya Federation has treated Kenyans and the Principal Football Stakeholders to a comedy of errors and theatrics, courtesy of a sophomaniac leadership suffering from delusion of “super intelligence”.

FKF boss Nick Mwendwa

Theatrics and antics peppered by haughty arrogance has been the hallmark of FKFLeadership since February 2016 to date.

The astronomical levels of incompetence, bias, and ineptitude has beleaguered the Nick Mwendwa lead administration.

The events of 1st August 2021 and the purported sanctions imposed on Gor Mahia FC and AFC Leopards SC and it’s officials, have broken the proverbial camel back, and we the Football stakeholders are no longer at ease , the centre can longer hold and things
have fallen apart.

Gor Mahia Football Club and AFC Leopards Sports Club are not just football teams, these are the pillars of Kenyan Football and institutions in their own right.

When a rogue football administration led by neophyte wannabe attempts to antagoniz the two clubs on which Kenyan Football gravitates then we the principal football stakeholders must arise and stop him on his tracts.

We the principal football stakeholders do hereby put FKF, Nick Mwendwa, and his cronies on notice and demand that; Nick Mwendwa and his cronies at FKF cease and desist from antagonizing Gor Mahia
Football Club , AFC Leopards SC and it’s supporters, fans, and officials .

Nick Mwendwa and his cronies rescind any purported disciplinary action against Gor Mahia FC & AFC Leopards SC and its leadership within 72 hours from the date of this
press conference.

That the 2020 – 2021 FKF premier League be forthwith halted and an audit of the results of all the matches played hitherto be undertaken by an independent firm.

All accomplices and perpetrators of match fixing and or match manipulation be suspended forthwith including FKF officials and staff members involved.

Directorate of Criminal Investigations DCI and EACC , arrest and prosecute Nick Mwendwa for fraud and obtaining by False pretence tax payers Monies totalling Ksh 11 Million as per the Auditor General report for the year 2019- 2020 Directorate of Criminal Investigations and EACC arrest and prosecute , Nick Mwendwa ,
FKF NEC Members and staff members of FKF for failing to account for Kshs 57 Million of tax payers money as contained in the Auditors General report of the year 2019 – 2020.

In conclusion we the football stakeholders will constitute a football stakeholders constituent assembly to advance and effect a regime change at FKF.”

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