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Bungoma Special Schools County Team Set For Regional Games In Busia

Apr 1, 2024 #Bungoma, #Special needs
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By Isabella Maua

Bungoma County Special Schools Competitions were gracefully closed at Friends Bilibili Secondary School, Bungoma North Tongaren, on Sunday evening, with the selected team set for Busia on Monday.

Speaking with The Times Newspaper at Bilibili, Jeff Khakina, Special Needs Games chair, confirmed that there were four categories participating in the various athletic games, and the best team in all disciplines would be selected to represent the country at the regional level.

“We have had triple jump, shot put, short and long races, and since we have been champions all along, we expect nothing different this time around. Though the weather has been a little challenging, our teams have been resilient,” observed Khakina.

Eunice Wanga, Bungoma County Special Needs Officer, couldn’t hide her joy as she thanked all team managers for the incredible job done in planning and ensuring the pupils reach the county level and beyond.

“We live by the slogan; let the children win or otherwise be brave in their attempts. I can gladly say that the children have had a very nice time, and they have greatly enjoyed every bit of the sports they have participated in during this period,” reported Wanga.

Elga Enana, a pupil of Nalondo CBM participating in the 100-meter wheelchair race, affirmed that they are going to come out successful even at the regional levels and beyond since they are well motivated and determined.

“We know for sure that we are winners, as we have always been; however, we call upon the government to look into the state of our school fields so that we can have them flat and levelled for our comfort,” noted Enana.

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