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An Extortionist Is on The Loose Kajiado Apirants Warned

Mar 5, 2022
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A man in Kitengela has landed in trouble for extorting aspirants in the pretence of being a Kisii Kingpin in the region.

Opinion leaders in the region raised Concerns with the conduct of Charles Osoro Ogechi.

He is accused of Extorting several aspirants purpoting to be the Kisii chairman to endorse them for the seats.

“He has been demanding money from all the Aspiring governors before tellinf them that if he endorses them they will get the backing of the kisii community in the area,” said our source who is one of the aspirants.

His tribesmen have now come out to  complain of the character of Osoro.

“We have warned all politicians in the county to avoid him” said local Kisii leaders in Kitengela.

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