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Akothee Tells Daughter not to Rush for Marriage

Jun 11, 2021
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The self proclaimed president of Single mother’s, Akothee advised her daughter Versha not to be rushed nor moved by the Pressure of the society on when to get Married.

The girl celebrates her 24th birthday today. In a social media post the singer said:

”HAPPY BIRTHDAY@veshashillanEverytime I feel like taking back my past, deleting my past, and forgetting it all 🤔 starting life as a clean responsible girl! I remember I have life marks, The eternal marks that can never be rubbed, not even with time!.

You placed a mark on my Womb, my heart, and my entire life đź’ŞI don’t regret one day of my life because you are on each and every chapter of my life my love đź’‹

If Role models are available, then you are my ONE. how comes the internet/ celebrities have never changed your way of living? How comes I don’t hear you say I messed up because I followed so and so ?.”

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