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Vets,Animal Health Providers Reap Big From Ripple Effect

Sep 9, 2023
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By Isabella Maua

Veterinarians and animal health providers have lauded Ripple Effect for their unwavering support in assisting them to render quality services to farmers.

Speaking with The Times Newspaper, Dr. Wechabe Simiyu, a veteran surgeon working with Bungoma County, extolled Ripple Effect, mentioning that it has not only built the capacity of professionals but also improved animals’ welfare in a great way.

“Having worked with Ripple Effect since 2019, I can attest that I’ve encountered personal career growth and seen most farmers reap big from the services we provide,” said Dr. Simiyu.

He further revealed that Ripple Effect has employed the mentorship of agro vet stockists, farriers, and para vets, thereby improving the client’s experience.

“Overtime para vets have now focused on quality of service rather than quantity of work done, all thanks to Ripple Effect. I would suggest that in the future we liaise with the county officer of veterinary services to mentor interns by using the Animal Health quality monitoring tool,” advised Dr. Simiyu.

Kennedy Sikiriet is an animal health provider working with several farmers’ groups within Mt. Elgon’s Chepyuk ward and takes pride in his association with Ripple Effect for over six years.

“Since my engagement with Ripple Effect in 2018, I have witnessed donkeys growing healthier and increasing in value,” observed Mr. Sikiriet.

He added, “More especially, farmers have benefited the most from quality services because, together with other practitioners in this field, we have gained more knowledge on donkey welfare.”

Mr.Sikiriet, on his part, acknowledged the fact that, were it not for Ripple Effect, he perhaps would have never known how to treat or even handle the beast of burden since they were never taught about it in college.

Donkey keepers and users within Bungoma County remain optimistic as Ripple Effect and Brooke East Africa continue to extend their services vastly across the region in the quest to improve the animals welfare.
In the meantime, the practitioners continue offering key services, which include advisory services on the 5 donkey welfare domains: rabies vaccinations, clinical services, deworming, hoof care, nutrition, wound management, and proper harnessing, among others.

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