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The Unified Business Permit is Not Working in Nairobi- MCA Ochieng tells Sakaja

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Nairobi MCA Maurice Ochieng, who serves as the Health chairperson and represents Mountain View, is calling for the termination of the unified business permit, citing its inefficiency.

Ochieng argues that the unified business permit poses a threat to the health of Nairobi residents, as it contradicts the provisions of the Kenyan Constitution under Cap 242 and 254 on the Food and Chemical Act. He emphasizes the importance of inspecting food vendors before issuing food, hygiene, and health licenses to ensure compliance with health standards.

“I urge Governor Johnson Sakaja, the county executive, and the chief officer for health to remove the health license requirement from food vendors, thus making the unified business permit legally and operationally viable,” Maurice asserted.

He stressed that prioritizing public health should take precedence over revenue concerns. The unified permit combines various licenses, including business, fire, food, health, and advertising permits, into a single document, streamlining the licensing process. Previously, traders were required to obtain multiple permits for activities such as hotel businesses, including business, food hygiene, fire, advertising, and health permits.

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