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Women Parliamentarians Explore ways to accelerate Gender-Responsive Budgeting

May 5, 2024 #Kenya News, #News
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Members of the Kenya Women Parliamentary Association (KEWOPA) continued their collaborative efforts with the Institute of Public Finance (IPF) today, focusing on overcoming challenges and devising strategies for effective implementation of Gender-Responsive Budgeting (GRB).

Employing the Triple A Change Space Analysis approach as a problem-driven iterative framework, the Women MPs identified authority, acceptance, and ability as key drivers to facilitate increased Gender-Responsive Budgeting.

Engaging with the Annual National Shadow Budget and the Macro Fiscal Analytical Snapshot, legislators underscored the imperative of empowering women leaders within governance and accountability structures. They emphasized the importance of reducing gender inequities and augmenting investments in health.

Recognizing the complexity of the task at hand, Hon. Pauline Lenguris from Samburu County highlighted resource mobilization as a significant barrier hindering women from pursuing political leadership roles.

Addressing capacity strengthening interventions, Nominated Senator Crystal Asige emphasized the need to provide women legislators with expert support, particularly in areas such as social media management.

To address challenges related to Gender-Responsive Budgeting effectively, women lawmakers advocated for training in Public Finance Management and opportunities for outdoor activities to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among members.

Reflecting on the session, Women Members of Parliament expressed optimism about enhancing their budget scrutiny skills and effectively utilizing budget tools. They noted that the discussions had raised awareness on how to address Gender-Responsive Budgeting issues proactively.

As the collaboration between KEWOPA and IPF continues, women parliamentarians remain committed to advancing Gender-Responsive Budgeting, recognizing its significance in promoting gender equality and inclusive development.

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