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Nakuru Town MP David Gikaria Advocates for Mining Sector Growth in Public Participation Exercise

May 5, 2024 #Kenya News, #News
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Nakuru Town East Member of Parliament, Hon. David Gikaria, has underscored the pivotal role of the mining sector in bolstering Kenya’s economy, emphasizing its potential for significant contribution to national growth.

Speaking during a public participation exercise in Nyatike, Migori County, convened by the Departmental Committee on Environment, Forestry, and Mining, Hon. Gikaria highlighted the importance of two bills currently under consideration: the Mining (Amendment) Bill, 2023, and the Gold Processing Bill, 2023.

“Government plans to establish factories within mining zones to add value to minerals, thereby increasing income for miners and the nation,” stated Hon. Gikaria, underlining the government’s commitment to enhancing the mining sector’s productivity.

Tom Odege, Nyatike MP

Local miners echoed their reliance on mining as a primary economic activity, with many generations depending on its sustenance. Migori County, renowned for its gold deposits, sees a significant portion of its populace relying on gold mining for livelihoods.

However, concerns were raised regarding the outdated methods used in gold extraction, leading to frequent mine collapses and endangering miners’ lives. Additionally, locals expressed apprehension over exploitation by foreign entities purchasing unprocessed gold at low rates.

Assuring residents, the committee pledged to address these challenges through the proposed bills, which aim to introduce regulatory bodies to oversee the sector and ensure fair practices.

Support for the establishment of a Mining Regulation Authority was voiced by miners, who emphasized the importance of their inclusion in its membership to provide insights into sector dynamics and challenges.

Furthermore, locals urged the government to review the rates for obtaining mining licenses, advocating for reduced fees and streamlined permit processing procedures. This, they argued, would facilitate artisanal miners’ access to licenses and curb the proliferation of illegal mining operations within designated zones.

As discussions continue, stakeholders remain hopeful that collaborative efforts will pave the way for a revitalized mining sector, ensuring sustainable economic growth and improved livelihoods for communities reliant on mining activities.

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