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Senator’s Love Sparks a War on Social Media Involving Governors Daughter

May 17, 2021
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Aeedah Bambi seems to be living the best life courtesy of Senator Loitiptip whom they she is currently dating.

They allegedly got involved when the senator was still dating the former Nairobi Governor’s daughter Saumu Mbuvi. This had led to drama and Saumu automatically lost her baby daddy.

It’s now clear that Loitiptip will not be going back to his baby Mama after they unveiled their Kitenge photoshoot with his new girlfriend in this past weekend.

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“Happy birthday to my best friend, my greatest critic, my fiercest supporter, my accomplice, my workout partner, my love, my EVERYTHING. Hon Sen 005, sherehe ianze.”

Aeedah on her Instagram

Aeedah and Saumu who were best friends now don’t look at each other’s eye as Saumu claims, Aeedah snatched her the man she had hoped to settle with in future. They have been attacking each other on social media of late.

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