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Dj Joe Mfalme shows a House he has built for his parents

May 14, 2021
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Celebrated Dj, Joe Mfalme remembers how he was first mocked by people from his village after they learnt he was going to venture into Deejaying. He narrates how he was laughed at.

Fast forward, he is among the best in the industry in the country.

Talent is better-paying now days than white-collar jobs which have become rarer through the Covid-19 pandemic. Deejaying pays well but most parents would never wish to see their kids into it.

Showing the house, he has built for his parents, Dj Joe Mfalme captioned it as; “when I chose to become a Dj, I will never forget how many people laughed at me in our ‘shagz’ and some discouraging me and telling my parents, “kijana yako sasa amekuwa mkora” fast forward, 12 years later, land was bought and Mom’s house has been completed. Thanks to this hustle…”

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