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Sakaja’s Officer Castigates Illegal Dumping, Calls for Responsibility by Residents

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Hibrahim Otieno, the Nairobi City County Chief Officer responsible for Environment, emphasized the importance of individual responsibility in waste management, stating that it is not solely the County Government’s duty but a shared responsibility with waste generators.

Addressing the issue of illegal dumping as the county’s primary challenge, Mr. Hibrahim stressed the need for people to dispose of their waste responsibly at designated collection points established by the City County.

Under Governor Sakaja’s leadership, the County has obtained its largest fleet to date, including 27 trucks for solid waste management and 10 new skip loaders and skips, aimed at enhancing garbage collection.

Highlighting a significant achievement, Mr. Hibrahim mentioned the recruitment of 3,500 “green army” officers, deployed across all 85 wards in Nairobi. This initiative, spearheaded by Governor Sakaja Johnson, marks the first significant employment of cleaners since the 1980s.

To address waste management at the grassroots level, Mr. Otieno noted the County’s collaboration with Environmental Community Based Organisations (CBOs), providing them with cleaning tools and transportation assistance for waste collection.

Recognizing the vital role of CBOs, Mr. Otieno emphasized the County’s support, including issuing recognition letters, facilitating clean-up exercises, connecting them with waste recyclers, and providing resources for tree planting initiatives.

Looking ahead, Mr. Otieno highlighted the potential economic value of waste, envisioning its utilization for income generation through job creation in the recycling industry, thereby benefiting society and the environment.

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