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Viwandani Residents Demand Arrest of Drug Peddler Isaac Gakunju

Mar 13, 2024
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Police have been asked to lay a crack-down on drug peddlers in Viwandani Slums Makadara sub county.

According to the residents top drug peddlers are at large and if something is not done promptly the fight against drug abuse and alcoholism will be a waste of time in Nairobi.

“One has been identified as Mwende another one is  Isaac Gakunju.We want police to arrest them.Mwende is running an alcoholic den while Isaac is a well know drug barons in Viwandani and Donholm areas.” Mark Kosi a resident said.

Meanwhile they have faulted Makadara police for not  taking action against them despite several complains raised.

“They have bribed everyone in Makadara police seems to be on their side so where shall get help.We urge Bungei and his team to move swiftly and apprehend this drug baron.” He added.

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