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Revitalize Your Back-to-School Experience with Equity Bank

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January is the back to school month for many school-going kids and students across the country. The December holiday provided a wonderful chance for students to unwind, switch off and engage in multiple social activities. While students drown in the excitement and prospect of meeting their peers and their favorite teachers, it’s a wholly different story for parents and guardians.

Parents and guardians have to worry about acquiring all the essentials; including shopping and making sure all payments are settled before their kids can commence their learning. It is against this backdrop that Equity Bank has devised innovative solutions to help parents and guardians to access timely financial boost to make payments and effectively manage their finances. Besides the Wings to Fly Scholarships that have so far benefited more than 69,000 students from all the 47 counties in the country, Equity Bank has a host of solutions to help parents and guardians revitalize their back to school experience.

Here are 3 Back To School solutions for your back to school experience.

  1. Boostika Na Equity

Boostika na Equity is an overdraft facility designed to help you complete transactions even when you have insufficient funds in your account. As a parent, you can run short of funds when shopping for essentials for your kids and making crucial payments like school fees. With Boostika, all you have to do is to simply accept the Boostika prompt to complete your transaction via *247#, Equity Mobile App or Equitel. What this means is that you can conveniently complete a transaction seamlessly without exiting the payment journey.

The big advantage of this is that you can get extra funds multiple times through multiple channels. All you need to have is a loan limit to complete the transaction. As such, you can make multiple payments including school fees, books, uniform and other essentials with limits of up to Kshs. 100,000. The 30-day grace period window for repayments means you can manage your finances better and repay after your kids have settled in class and are learning uninterrupted.

  1. Convenience In Making Payments Through Equity Digital Channels

To increase convenience and make it easier for parents and guardians with school-going kids, Equity Bank has continuously revitalized its digital channels including the Equity Mobile AppEquity Online, *247#, or Equitel. With these channels, you can instantly make crucial payments like school fees directly to school accounts. Besides the enhanced security offered on the digital channels, you will follow shorter steps to complete payments and get detailed transaction receipts and mini statements.

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Moreover, the digital channels allow Equity customers to send money for FREE from one Equity Account to another. Parents and guardians can utilize these services from any part of the country through the Equity Mobile App, *247#, Equitel, Equity Online, Equity Agent or any Equity branch. Parents and guardians will also not be charged when paying for merchandise including books, uniforms, and essentials at outlets with One Equity Till. This seamless process will save you time and enhance your back to school experience.

  1. Instant Mobile Loans To Help Parents Shop For Their Children

Getting your finances in order and ensuring your kid gets all the essentials they need in school can be a real headache for many. With Equity’s instant digital loans, you are all sorted to ensure your child settles down for the term. As long as you have an active Equity account and have activated Equity Mobile Banking on your mobile, you can access mobile loans with limits of up to Kshs. 3 Million. All you need is an active Equity account and have activated Equity Mobile banking by dialing *247# on your mobile phone. It’s designed to be super easy, just when you need it most.

The *247# (USSD service) gives you greater control over your finances by allowing you to check your loan limit, apply for a loan and check our balance.

The back-to-school season necessitates enhanced coordination to address potential challenges. Various unforeseen circumstances can arise and hinder your established financial goals and plans as a parent. As your financial partner, Equity is committed to assisting you at every stage of this journey.

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