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The Singleton Culinary Experience with Jiko Restaurant

May 2, 2024 #Kenya News, #News
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The Singleton curated a culinary experience for guests in collaboration with Jiko Restaurant located in the Tribe Hotel, Nairobi. The engagement offered a fresh take on fine dining and took the guests on an indelible journey of taste.  
The experience was a feast for the senses, featuring an expertly crafted 5 course menu by The Tribe Hotel’s Executive Chef, Mohamed Yakat Ali. The innovative fusion is a seamless blend of food from across the African continent infused with The Singleton whisky.

The fusion, curated by The Singleton’s team and the restaurant’s Executive Chef, delighted guests and displayed the brand’s commitment to culinary excellence. 

The Singleton whisky’s love for taste intertwines seamlessly with the world of culinary artistry. From its rich, nuanced palate to its smooth finish, The Singleton whisky elevated the dining experience, turning every meal into a moment of indulgence and delight.

“Our commitment to delicious discoveries defines this property. We start this journey of cuisine exploration with a promise and dedication to elevating Kenya’s dining experience. We are excited to inspire guests to savour every bite, every sip, whilst fully enjoying every moment and reminiscing pleasant memories.” said Wangeci Gakenia, Brand Manager,The Singleton 

(L-R) Sharon Wangari, Diageo Brand Ambassador, Mike Mwangi, General Manager, Tribe Hotel and Wangeci Gakenia, Brand Manager, Singleton at the Singleton Culinary Experience at Jiko Restaurant

The expertly crafted menu highlighted the whisky’s versatility with vegetarian and non – vegetarian dishes. Akara bean fritters, a delightful and subtly spicy amuse-bouche, kicked off the meal with wonderful hints of ginger and smoky tomato. A duck dish, elevated with a Yassa spice rub that echoed the oaky notes of the Singleton offered a classic pairing for the diners. While vegetarians were treated to a unique twist on cauliflower, with a smoky Suya roast that mirrored the peaty characteristics of The Singleton.

A rich and complex 7-hour braised Berbere beef was presented alongside a more mature Singleton expression, their powerful flavours intertwining in a perfect harmony. This highlights the whisky’s ability to complement both light and robust dishes. The meal closed with a vegan dessert; a lavender infused chocolate panacotta with a base of Teff.

Executive Chef Mohammed, whose culinary experience is inspired by his childhood at the Kenyan coast, his Pakistani heritage and vast global culinary experience, shared with the guests the backstory of the intricate preparation of the five – course meal.  

“My goal when I make any dish is to trigger a childhood memory through great taste. Jiko believes in going back to the roots to create culinary fusion combinations that leave a mark of great taste, memory, and wonder”.

The event marks a significant milestone in Kenya’s culinary world, whilst reaffirming The Singleton’s brand commitment to excellence, and inspiring consumers to enjoy life’s moments.

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