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Optiven to host a mega workshop on how to create wealth as a couple. Sharing His experience for 23 years in Business

Jan 24, 2023 #George Wachiuri, #optiven
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Optiven limited company founder George Wachiuri has announced a great workshop event to couples on how to create wealth together.

The workshop is themed ‘how to create wealth as a couple’ will be held at Optiven global arena –Karen, the company’s newest office that was recently launched to serve their diaspora clients.

Speaking to the media during the interview, Wachiuri said that the event will be held on 10th February 2023 from 4 pm and the entry has been made free per couple.

Wachiuri said the workshop is aimed at equipping couples with knowledge and ideas on how they can create wealth together and various ways they can invest.


He noted that for the last 23 years, he has seen several couples coming to Optiven offices to seek information on the possibility of investing together and this has prompted him to initiate the workshop and invite Kenyans.

“I have been passionate to see couples investing together and decided to share a few thoughts as we approach Valentine’s season and this is the reason I have planned one hour to help the couples create wealth,” Wachiuri said.

The program is a part of the Optiven Foundation mentorship program that targets the empowerment of business owners as part of the pillars of poverty eradication, education, and the environment.

Hundreds of mentees have graduated from the school that focuses primarily on the development of business people and entrepreneurs to learn from the experiences of successful business people.

Wachiuri noted that those who get into this program get a guaranteed Mentorship opportunity that is tailor-made to make sure that the young people are molded not just to fit into their careers of choice, but to be thinkers who can take this country to the next level.

“By the time they finish the program, they get a certificate from one of the most forerunner organizations, Optiven Group. This will give them an upper hand in getting a job or starting their own startup business, “he said.

Wachiuri said that investing together as a couple has numerous advantages among them being.

  1. Trust
    Couples that do things together heighten their trust in each other. They have a common goal that enables them to trust each other
  2. Communication
    Couples that invest together talk more. Other than family discussions, bedroom discussions, or politics, they have an Additional menu of investment discussions.
  3. Equality
    Shared investment creates a sense of equality. This reduces family fights and shows the couple value each other
  4. Happiness
    Couples who invest together are happier. They derive excitement from their investment as they own together
  5. Shared goals
    Investing together means shared goals. The good thing is B that this increases communication

“Couples are particularly at an advantage if they can effectively pool their resources together towards building wealth. “Two heads are better than one” basically,” he said.

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