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Naivas marks International day of education with calls to fight period poverty

Jan 24, 2023
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Naivas supermarket today visited Rainbow of Magnolia fraternity, to mark International Day of Education with the theme this year being “to invest in people, prioritize education

Over the years, Naivas has actively and consciously been working towards sustainability and one of these initiatives is “A Kenyan Writers Path”.

 This initiative was conceived with the aim of providing Kenyan authors with a distribution network for their books at the lowest possible margins in the market and one and a half years on, we can proudly stand here today and say we have achieved that goal.

But more than just providing a platform for the authors, Naivas is actively making educational materials more accessible to everyone across the country through our vast network.

The authors range from children book authors to researchers publishing their findings and it very fulfilling seeing stories that resonate with our own and research work done in our own localities being more accessible and hence enhancing our learning outcomes.

Over and above, “A Kenyan Writers Path”, Naivas has a partnered with Girl Aid who do the collection and distribution of sanitary towels through our branches.

This is to fight period poverty which we all know has a negative impact on school attendance and drop off further fueling the cycle of poverty. It is therefore imperative for us to support such initiatives if it means one more girl will stay in school and break the cycle of poverty.

“As a practicing Human Resource professional, I can tell you for sure that education is truly the key to a better future. Guard your education fiercely, make sure to exert all your efforts in reaching the highest heights possible, said Mary Kinyua Chief of Human Resources Naivas.

She challenged the students to go beyond the classroom, and study their preferred talents, master it and learn from  the very best taking advantage of the Internet.

 “You know it is said that your talents will create room for you before kings. So learn beyond your assigned syllabus as well.” Remarked Mary Kinyua Chief of Human Resources Naivas.

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