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Ngo’ndi Will Be Nairobi Assembly Speaker By 6am-Makongeni MCA Imwatok

Sep 22, 2022
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Makongeni MCA Peter Imwatok now says the Azimio Coalition will bring the Nairobi speaker position home.
Drumming support for Azimio candidate Ken Ngo’ndi,he says everything is in order and it’s only a matter of time for Ken to be declared the speaker.
“Our numbers speaks louder than what you here outside there,it is Ken Ngo’ndi and we have also reached the other side to support Ken..For Mutura I know we come from one constituency but on this please stick to your Party,” Imwatok said.
He father asked Azimio MCAs to put aside their difference and concentrate on supporting election of Ken as Nairobi speaker.
“To our members let us remain united and ensure that we bring victory to our beloved coalition.” He told the media.

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