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StarTimes Chairman’s Keynote at Harvard Kennedy School China Conference Sparks Global Interest

Apr 26, 2024
Chairman Pang of StarTimes giving a speech on the forumChairman Pang of StarTimes giving a speech on the forum
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Pang Xinxing, Chairman of StarTimes Group, addressed the 5th Harvard Kennedy School China Conference remotely, shedding light on the remarkable journey of StarTimes Group’s expansion in Africa and its contributions to the continent’s digital revolution.

The Harvard Kennedy School China Conference, an esteemed platform initiated by the Harvard Kennedy Greater China Society, convened luminaries from academia, government, business, and civil society to deliberate on the intricacies of Chinese and global affairs.

Pang Xinxing’s presence added a significant dimension to the discourse, emphasizing the burgeoning ties between China and Africa.

In his address, Chairman Pang Xinxing provided an insightful overview of StarTimes Group’s evolution, tracing its roots back to 1988 and highlighting its pivotal role in China’s broadcasting, television, and new media sectors.

“StarTimes has been at the forefront of democratizing access to digital TV across Africa,” Pang Xinxing remarked, emphasizing the company’s role in breaking industry monopolies and fostering the growth of local media outlets. Through initiatives like local language dubbing competitions and establishment of dubbing bases, StarTimes has championed the preservation and promotion of African culture while empowering local talent.

He articulated StarTimes’ transition from a fledgling entity to a formidable force in the Chinese radio and television industry, illustrating its journey from analog to digital broadcasting.

He elucidated on the company’s pivotal role in shaping China’s broadcasting and television landscape, transitioning from analog to digital platforms and emerging as a trailblazer in the industry.

However, it was StarTimes Group’s foray into Africa that captured the audience’s attention. Pang articulated the company’s relentless commitment to Africa’s digital transformation, tracing its journey from obtaining Rwanda’s inaugural digital TV operating license in 2007 to establishing a sprawling network spanning 45 countries and serving over 1.2 billion people in sub-Saharan Africa.

“StarTimes has been more than a mere broadcaster in Africa; we have been catalysts for change,” Pang asserted. He underscored the company’s efforts in democratizing access to digital TV, breaking industry monopolies, and fostering local talent through initiatives like African language dubbing competitions and dubbing bases.

Pang’s optimism about Africa’s economic trajectory resonated throughout his address.

“As Africa embraces digitalization and infrastructure development gains momentum, the next decade will witness the widespread adoption of digital household terminals,” he predicted, expressing unwavering confidence in the continent’s potential.

Pang Xinxing’s address at the Harvard Kennedy School China Conference encapsulated StarTimes Group’s transformative journey and its pivotal role in shaping Africa’s digital landscape.

Highlighting the symbiotic relationship between China and Africa, Pang Xinxing expressed optimism about the prospects of Africa’s digital economy.

“With the deepening of China-Africa economic cooperation and increased support for energy infrastructure, Africa is poised for a digital revolution,” Pang Xinxing declared, foreseeing a decade of widespread adoption of digital household terminals across the continent.

His remarks underscored StarTimes Group’s pivotal role in China-Africa cooperation and its commitment to driving Africa’s digital agenda forward.

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