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Ngatia Takes Campaigns to His Rivals ‘Bedroom’

Apr 11, 2022
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Nairobi Gubernatorial Aspirant Richard Ngatia yesterday launched his bid to become the 4th governor of Nairobi

Unlike any other launch what stood out for him was that he took the battle to his main rivals’ door step which also turns out to be where he grew up.

Ngatia held his launch in Kangemi where Tim Wanyonyi believes is his bedroom

Analysts argue that taking the launch directly to the common mwananchi and not the illustrious stadiums like Kasarani, Nyayo or KICC symbolizes Ngatia’s political muscle and mobilisation skills.

A majority of city residents conquer that Ngatia is a political force in the making and a massive asset for Jubilee in Nairobi

They  say that he has managed to tame Tim Wanyonyi who has been leading the onslaught on him to throw him out of the Azimio ticket race but this has not worked.

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