• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

New Nairobi Chief Officer Lands Dreams of Restoring Sanity in the Sector

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Nairobi County has always been experiencing increased cases of land grabbing over the past years, noting the many allegations of Officers at the Planning and Housing Department who work in cahoots with the land cartels in order to acquire land fraudulently or get favoritism to blatantly contravene standard building plans or regulations.

Cecilia Wangari Koigu 55 who has served diligently for over 32 years as a director for survey optimistically pledged to restore sanity in the department by weeding out land cartels.

Cecilia Wangari has grown from a graduate surveyor to the new office she was nominated for and approved by the county assembly for a renewable five-year contract as the Chief Officer of lands in the County.

Speaking to this Reporter, Ms Cecilia says she has acted for many years and is proud to say that she has effectively delivered to her mandate as the director for survey in the County.

“I am emphatic that I will effectively deliver on my mandate with the support of the House committee and officers in the department I am now heading. I have changed lives of Nairobians by issuing over 15,000 title deeds to low income earners,” she stated.

She added that she believes in teamwork and follow up, and that with the help of the MCAs she would be able to deal with land cartels in the City.

“I will employ the open door policy to ensure the department serves residents efficiently and ease of acquiring title deeds,” she alluded.

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