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Kenyans among highest users of Internet in Africa

Aug 11, 2021
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Communication, social media, mobile money, entertainment and content creation were the top five uses of mobile handsets after Covid-19 struck.

This is according to the latest 2021 Kenya’s Digital Economy report that indicates that mobile money use increased after restrictions were enforced to contain the spread of Covid-19.

The Covid-19 pandemic created immense business opportunities for those in the digital space, if findings from the latest 2021 Kenya’s Digital Economy report is anything to go by.

The report says travel restrictions imposed in the country forced people to explore what they could do with their gadgets.

Use of mobile money increased perhaps due to a waiver on sending up to 1,000 shillings for the better part of 2020 as well as the travel restrictions.

The study found that 25% of Kenyans are basic digital services users who use USSD codes or SMS for basic mobile money services.

It further indicates that fraud and digital safety as well as Huduma Centres, are helping deepen Kenya’s digital penetration.

The other top digital services uses that increased during the lockdown period included for communication, social media, entertainment, creation of content and for seeking information.

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