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KEHPHPU Calls for Action Against Illicit Brew Following Kirinyaga County Deaths

Feb 10, 2024
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Kenya Environmental Health and Public Health Practitioners Union (KEHPHPU) Condemns Kangai Village Tragedy, Calls for Action

By Samson Wire

The Kenya Environmental Health and Public Health Practitioners Union (KEHPHPU) expresses profound sorrow and solidarity with the families affected by the recent tragic incident in Kangai Village, Kirinyaga County. Over 13 lives have been lost, and several individuals have suffered critical injuries due to the consumption of illicit brew.

“Our hearts go out to the bereaved families, and we wish to extend our deepest condolences to the affected families during this difficult time. The loss of lives and the suffering experienced by those affected underscore the urgent need to strengthen comprehensive measures aimed at curbing the consumption of illicit brew in Kenya,” said Hon. Brown O. Ashira, Secretary General & CEO of KEHPHPU.

Illicit brew remains a major public health threat, resulting in significant health and socioeconomic consequences. KEHPHPU commends the efforts made by Public Health Officers, Specialists, and Technicians in combating this menace while enforcing the provisions of the Alcoholic Drinks Control Act, the Public Health Act CAP 242, and the Food Drugs and Chemical Substances Act CAP 254, among other relevant laws.

“We strongly challenge the enforcement and licensing teams (multi-agency teams) established by various county governments to oversee compliance at all liquor outlets. They must ensure that these establishments meet all prerequisite minimum health requirements as per CAP 242 and other relevant laws. We urge law enforcers, including the Local and Regional Administration, to ensure strict adherence to the enforcement of laws on illicit brew,” emphasized Hon. Ashira.

KEHPHPU calls upon the Court system to issue deterrent fines to offenders contravening the provisions of the law. Additionally, they urge members of the public to exercise vigilance and caution when purchasing and consuming alcoholic drinks.

The union appeals to both the National and County governments to ensure that all Public Health Officers, Specialists, and Technicians are properly tooled and facilitated to conduct their routine duties in combating the menace of illicit brew.

As Kenya grapples with the aftermath of the Kangai Village tragedy, KEHPHPU stands firm in its commitment to advocating for stricter measures against the production and sale of illicit brew, aiming to prevent further loss of life and mitigate the devastating impact on communities across the country.

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