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Intellimedia Networks Africa, Matic partner to Launch High-Tech Wireless Fibre in DRC

Oct 25, 2023
Intellimedia Networks Africa, Matic partner to Launch High-Tech Wireless Fibre in DRCIntellimedia Networks Africa, Matic partner to Launch High-Tech Wireless Fibre in DRC
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Intellimedia Networks Africa has forged a strategic partnership with Matic Enterprises, a technology company, to introduce a cutting-edge Wireless Fibre network in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

This groundbreaking alliance marks Intellimedia Networks Africa’s foray into the Kenyan market, positioning itself to capitalize business opportunities across the African continent.

Speaking during the signing agreement, Alex Chesosi, the chairman for IntelliMedia Networks Africa, expressed their commitment to uniting the African market through technological advancement.

He emphasized that this collaboration is poised to empower millions of Congolese citizens by offering enhanced connectivity services.

Chesosi pointed out that their entry into the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) would substantially reduce the cost and deployment time associated with fiber optics.

“We are ready to transform Congo technology advancement as we deliver our best to transform the Africa society through technology,” He said.

He conveyed the company’s mission as extending beyond technology itself, aiming to create brighter prospects for every household, student, and dreamer.

Moreover, he praised Kenya’s role as a beacon of innovation and actionable business solutions, rapidly emerging as a hub that sets the pace for the entire continent.

Ms. Jane Nawezi, the CEO of IntelliMedia Networks Africa, announced their optimistic projection of a $3 million turnover within the next five years following their entry into the DRC market.

She cited both existing and emerging business opportunities as the driving force behind their ambitious financial forecast.

Alpha Eragy, CEO of Matic Enterprises, highlighted their focus on unlocking digital opportunities in the DRC, with a particular interest in serving parastatals and corporate clients.

“Our solutions are not just about technology; they are about crafting brighter horizons for every household, every student, and every dreamer,”He noted.

He underlined that the partnership between the two companies was poised to revolutionize the technological landscape in the DRC, emphasizing their dedication to delivering innovative, sustainable, and impactful solutions that align with the aspirations of the Congolese populace.

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