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Ford Kenya Set For Massive ‘Mashinani’ Recruitment

Feb 19, 2024 #Ford Kenya, #Mt Elgon, #UDA
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By Isabella Maua

Ford Kenya party delegates in Mt. Elgon have maintained they are still strong and more determined to recruit more party members at the grassroots level.

While addressing journalists at Kapsokwony over the weekend, Linet Chemtai, the Mt. Elgon sub-branch party leader, emphasized that they are following in the footsteps of their party Secretary General in intensifying their recruitment process.

“Today during our delegates meeting, we deliberated on many issues, top on the list being massive recruitment. Our SG, Dr. John Chikati, has done his part, and we are determined to follow suit,” said Chemtai.

She, on the other hand, dismissed allegations that Ford Kenya has joined UDA, citing that the party is even stronger than before and they are not planning to part ways for whatever reason.

Peter Cherui, one of the delegates, reported that they have mapped their ‘mashinani’ program, which should kick off before the month of March 2024.

His sentiments were emphasized by David Kimkung, who expressed their confidence in Ford Kenya’s leadership from the national level to the grass-roots level.

“It is evident that Ford Kenya still rules across Mt. Elgon; based on the last general elections where I was the chief agent, we have laid down strategies to seal any loopholes and ensure that in 2027, all elective seats are taken by Ford Kenya,” reiterated Cherotwei Simotwo.

Speaking during a different function, Joan Kirong, MCA for Kapkateny and also Deputy Majority Leader at the County Assembly, called upon the UDA party to be considerate and arrange their house well so that the people of Mt. Elgon take pride in being part of the ruling administration.

“It is very unfair that we’re rallying behind the president, but we cannot be part of the national UDA cake. For instance, almost all Ford Kenya aspirants who lost in the last general elections have secured jobs either at the county or national level, but none in UDA has been given a job,” denigrated Kirong.

Even as party politics steadily take center stage, the wananchi lay their hope in the leaders at the helm to deliver their duties and live up to their pledges.

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