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Win Big with EABL’s “Tujengane” Campaign, Prizes Include Cars, Cash

Apr 12, 2024
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East Africa Breweries Limited (EABL) has announced the rollout of its National Consumer Promotion dubbed “Tujengane.”

The Tujengane campaign represents a bold commitment to fostering a sense of togetherness and resilience within communities.

The 12 weeklong campaign that will run from April to June 2024, seeks to reward and celebrate consumers by providing them with exciting opportunities to enrich their lives.

Speaking at the launch event, Mark Ocitti, Managing Director, KBL, emphasized the strategic significance of the Tujengane campaign.

“The Tujengane campaign represents a pivotal moment for EABL as we navigate through dynamic market conditions. By leveraging ingenious marketing strategies and consumer-centric initiatives, we are confident in our ability to drive engagement, loyalty, and growth for our brands while providing tangible value to our consumers.”

“Tujengane embodies our collective spirit of resilience and togetherness as Kenyans. Our consumers trust us to provide quality products consistently, and we take this responsibility seriously. Beyond that, we are deeply committed to working closely with regulatory authorities to uphold the highest standards of quality and safety, guaranteeing the safety and reliability of every product we offer. With Tujengane, we celebrate this commitment to excellence and safety, while embracing the spirit of togetherness.” He added.

The Tujengane campaign is strategically positioned to resonate with consumers seeking value, connection, and hope amidst economic uncertainty. By offering tangible rewards and fostering a sense of community,

To participate in the campaign, consumers who are above 18 years and hold a national ID are invited to purchase any of the participating EABL spirit brands, that include Kenya Cane, Orijin, Triple Ace, Smirnoff, Kane Xtra, Chrome Gin, Chrome Vodka, Gilbey’s and Captain Morgan. Each bottle has a unique code that consumers will be required to submit via the SMS number 20405, to enable them enter into a draw for a chance to win a range of prizes.

Joel Kamau. Group Commercial Director said, “The Tujengane campaign embodies our dedication to celebrating our consumers in meaningful ways. Our focus goes beyond just offering prizes, it’s about creating opportunities that can truly transform lives. The prizes we are offering, represent our commitment to providing tangible benefits to our consumers. We believe that by coming together, we can achieve more, and this campaign is a testament to that belief.”

Consumers have the exciting opportunity to win an array of enticing prizes including the grand prize of 4 brand new cars that will be awarded to 4 lucky winners. Similarly, 3 lucky winners will each win Ksh 1Million each. Embracing the ethos of Tujengane, half of the winnings will be allocated to support a community initiative of the winner’s choice.

Additionally, 24 lucky winners will ride away with their very own Motor bikes. To further extend support, select winners will receive rent waivers, amplifying the campaign’s positive economic impact on individuals and communities alike.

Other prizes include shopping vouchers, airtime and more cash prizes. The campaign seeks to reward consumers across the national daily, weekly and monthly over the duration of the campaign. Total targeted number of winners will be over 200,000 ensuring widespread participation and excitement nationally.

Also present at the event was Kennedy Mutula, Marketing Manager – Spirits, EABL who said, “One of the key aspects of this campaign is our strategic partnerships, particularly with the artists behind the Tujengane anthem. These collaborations amplify the voices of our consumers, reflecting their values and aspirations authentically. The Tujengane anthem, with its powerful message of togetherness, resilience, and hope, serves as a rallying cry for our brands, resonating deeply with our audience. “

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