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Vera Sidika flaunts on social media her postpartum Body After One Week

Oct 29, 2021

Vera Sidika has flaunted on social media her postpartum body a week after welcoming her daughter Asia Brown.

Vera, a mother of one now says she is glad that her post-CS swelling is going down.

Vera opted for a selective CS as she did not want to go through vaginal birth.

The socialite dismissed the narrative that CS is painful saying she went through much more discomfort after her breast surgery than after her delivery.

I am still waiting for this pain everyone has been singing about. Saying I will feel pain a day after CS surgery and all through the recovery process.

I am still waiting for it haijakuja bado not even a headache. Maybe it’s genes sijui.

Haven’t even been taking painkillers.

For me I only remember to take medicine when am in pain or so if I feel nothing it doesn’t cross my mind, I actually felt pain or rather discomfort during my breast surgery years back.

My chest felt heavy lol. Thought it would be the same with CS I don’t feel anything.”

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