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Shakilla Confirms Being Pregnant for Erick Omondi.

Jun 7, 2021
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Months after the Controversial reality show Wife Material by Erick Omondi, it looked like rumors previously and a laughing matter but now it could be serious.

In an exclusive lavish party upmarket, Shakilla alleged that she was carrying Comedian Omondi’s baby.

“Yes, I’m four months pregnant, and I can’t wait,” she told Taarifa News.

When we asked her whether the Comedian was aware she said that he was and waiting to hold the baby in his arms. “He is aware and cannot wait to hold the baby in his arms.”

She was in the company of Fred Omondi, Younger brother to Erick who also confirmed the same: “Yes, with the baby on the way now, Shakila will be family forever. Ever since she broke the news, I treat her as such

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