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Sex Scandal that Almost Brought James Finlay Mombasa Down

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A sex scandal involving two senior employees at James Finlay Mombasa and wrapped under the carpets to avoid public attention has surfaced.

It has now emerged that the scandal involves a young woman identified as Yvetta Tafari and one of the senior officers.

Yvetta who was serving as the Quality Environment Health Safety Manager was impregnated by the senior officer was later fired in a strategic move to avoid office drama considering the officer is married.

Yvetta is now suffering the consequences of their secret love affair even as the management fights hard to stop the matter from attracting human rights attention in Kenya.

She has a kid with the said officer and her suspension has made matters worse for her.

The secret love affair also helped the two engage in corrupt deals that threatened the future of the company.

Yvetta would take advantage of her proximity and access to authority courtesy of their affair to collude witness several contractors to defraud the company through tenders.

Some of the contractors as per our investigations are Edwin Ochieng Gonga and another one identified as Kawaga.

According to Patrick Lang’at who was the internal auditor, things were getting out of hand.

“These people were on a looting spree and if it were not for our quick interventions the company would have gone down,”

Meanwhile some women lobby groups are planning to take the matter a notch high to relevant authorities,a matter that could put the company that has a longstanding positive image in Kenya under scrutiny.

Finlays has a long history in Kenya and despite it’s exit from Kenyan tea estate business, it has continued o invest in the country through its continued ownership of the Saosa tea extracts facility, and its Kenyan tea sourcing and packing operation James Finlay Mombasa.

Finlays managing director James Woodrow is know for his love and commitment to professionalism and has always demanded a positive impact of the company in the country’s tea sector.

Whistleblower, Jacob BOAZ Mwoga assisted the company on matters corruption but was later branded as a betrayer and putting his life in dander.

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