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Manyatta Cider and Vijana Barubaru Unite to Celebrate African Heritage in Spectacular Night

Mar 26, 2024 #KBL, #Manyata cider
African Vibes Take Center Stage: Manyatta Cider and Vijana Barubaru's Epic Collaboration
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Kenya Breweries Limited, through its new cider brand Manyatta, recently hosted consumers and fans to a vibrant and collaborative event with Vijana BaruBaru.

Dubbed “Passionate Pages Flavored by Manyatta,” the event took place at the New Muthaiga Mall, Thigiri Ridge, where the venue was transformed into a haven of authentic African vibes, elite consumer experiences, live music, and games over the past weekend. The event not only unveiled the highly anticipated Passionate Pages EP launch but also showcased the essence of the Manyatta brand.

Manyatta Cider embodies a commitment to appreciate and promote African culture, striving to stay true to our roots in a modern context. It boasts four distinct flavors that serve as expressions of the diverse tastes of Africa: Manyatta Cider, Lemon and Ginger Cider, Mango and Ginger Cider, and Pineapple and Mint Cider. Beyond being a beverage, Manyatta serves as a curator of African tastes, encompassing fashion, food, and overall vibes.

“As a brand, Manyatta’s ethos revolves around reviving and celebrating our African heritage. We believe that taking the time to honor our uniqueness through music, food, and culture offers a refreshing break from the rigors of daily life. Passionate Pages is just the beginning of numerous African-themed celebrations that will be flavored by Manyatta as we strive to be the torchbearer of African tastes,” said Faith Nyambura, Marketing & Innovations Manager at EABL.

Manyatta Cider and Vijana Barubaru Join Forces for a Night of Music, Culture, and Flavour

“We pledge to create more opportunities for the celebration and appreciation of our African identity, infuse the taste of home into every drop of Manyatta Cider, and maintain the vibrant essence that defines our brand,” she added.

During the launch event, Vijana Barubaru expressed their excitement and gratitude for the support from EABL in the release of their EP.

“Partnering with Manyatta for the Passionate Pages launch event was a true honor for us. It’s inspiring to see a brand dedicated to celebrating African culture in such a lively and authentic manner. This collaboration enabled us to showcase our artistry alongside Manyatta’s commitment to African heritage, and we eagerly anticipate more opportunities to collaborate and uplift our shared cultural legacy.”

The event also featured electrifying performances by renowned artists such as DJ Candy, Ethan Muziki, Ayrosh, Karisma, DJ Kaneda, Ndovu Kuu, Ihaji, Hart The Band, and DJ Suraj. Their unique styles and impassioned performances resonated with the audience, further emphasizing the rich diversity of African music and creativity.

Through such collaborations, Manyatta and Vijana BaruBaru aim to continue providing platforms for African artists to shine while celebrating the essence of African culture in all its facets.

The success of the Passionate Pages flavored by Manyatta event marks a new chapter in Kenya Breweries Limited’s commitment to celebrating African culture, honoring uniqueness, creating unforgettable experiences, and celebrating our consumers.

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