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Luhya Community in Langata Affirm to Unite despite the Current Hard Economic Times

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By Fred Maingi

The Luhya community in Langata in Nairobi county has affirmed to remain united to forster unity in the face of the hard economic times.

The community at the same time held an interim election to strengthen local representation in Nairobi

The members drawn from different regions resolved to work as a team and ensure their interests are effectively represented from the grassroot to the National level.

During a well attended meeting held at the Canaan Hall in High Rise estate in Langata constituency in Nairobi, members vowed to kick out any member who will try to undermine the unity of the community.

A member Maximila Wafula told the gathering unity was paramount and pleaded with members to put their heads together and chart the way forward.

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The unity, according to Wafula is targeted to reinforce local representation and foster community engagement. The move to hold an interim team underscores a proactive approach towards ensuring inclusive governance structures and promoting the voices of the Luhyia people in the capital city.

The decision to hold interim elections stems from a desire to establish a robust framework for community leadership and representation in Nairobi .

The elections serve as a platform to foster unity and cohesion within the community, transcending geographical and cultural divides.

The interim elections were conducted in a transparent and democratic manner, with eligible members participating in the electoral process.

Candidates vying for various positions presented their manifestos, outlining their vision and plans for serving the community.

The newly elected interim leaders will play a pivotal role in advancing the interests of the Luhyia community in Nairobi.

Those who will sit in the interim committee will include Maximilla Adhiambo Wafula, Mildred Aman, Walter Nzaka, Muhammed Wandera, Peter Ambunya, Lenah Shisiali, David Amuli, Lazarus Ray Wamwanda, George Wepukhulu and Mourine Adisa.

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