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‘Let there be life’ reveal-Harmonizing products, purpose, and impact

Mar 21, 2024
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Embedded in the fabric of humanity, the quest for meaning, purpose, and impact is ever-present.

In Japanese culture, there is a concept called ‘Ikigai’, which roughly translates to ‘reason for being’.

It beckons individuals to delve deep into their essence, discern their unique strengths, and intertwine them with endeavors that resonate with their soul.

 In essence, Ikigai is the beacon guiding one towards a life brimming with fulfillment.

For Canon, a global leader in imaging technology, the ethos of Ikigai finds resonance in its corporate philosophy of ‘Kyosei’.

Akin to the symbiotic relationship between Ikigai and individual fulfillment, Kyosei embodies the spirit of collective collaboration and shared prosperity.

It underscores Canon’s commitment to fostering harmony between humanity and the environment, transcending individual aspirations to nurture a world where collective well-being reigns supreme.

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Drawing inspiration from Ikigai and Kyosei, Canon EMEA recently unveiled its latest endeavor “Let there be life”, a testament to the brand’s rich legacy interwoven with countless narratives—each echoing the profound impact of its innovations on the fabric of society.  Canon’s products, particularly cameras, play a significant role in capturing life’s moments—from personal occasions like weddings to global events like the Rugby World Cup.

Beyond cameras, Canon’s presence extends to various industries, including printing, manufacturing, sports, art, and even semiconductor chip production.

Canon’s commitment extends into scientific inquiry and medical innovation. From microscopic explorations of the cellular universe to the life-saving diagnostics in healthcare, their imaging technologies serve as catalysts for exploration and discovery, unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos and illuminating the path towards a healthier, more equitable world.

At its core, Canon’s journey embodies the fusion of purpose and impact, where each innovation is imbued with the ethos of Ikigai and Kyosei. It’s a testament to the enduring power of human ingenuity and collaboration, transcending boundaries and transforming lives in ways both profound and enduring.

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