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Kenya Urged to Build Padel Sports Academies to Foster Talent

May 2, 2024 #Kenya News, #News
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In a bid to harness the burgeoning talent and enthusiasm for Padel Tennis in Kenya, calls have been made to invest in the construction of Padel Sports Academies across the country.

The push for such facilities came during a Padel Tennis exhibition held at the Padel courts in Gigiri, where stakeholders gathered to showcase the potential of this rapidly growing sport.

Leading the charge for increased investment was businessman Dhiren Chandariah, who organized the event and emphasized the need for infrastructure that would encourage the development of young talent. Chandariah highlighted the rapid expansion of Padel Tennis globally and stressed the importance of providing avenues for local players to hone their skills.

As part of his efforts to promote the sport, Chandariah sponsored a four-day Padel Tennis clinic across Kenya, featuring training sessions conducted by international coach Mariano Sanchez from Argentina. Chandariah underscored the significance of training local coaches and players to ensure a thorough understanding of the game’s rules and nuances.

Echoing Chandariah’s sentiments, Mariona Sanchez, the director of Mundo Padel and a prominent figure in the Argentine Padel Tennis scene, commended Kenya’s potential in the sport. Sanchez emphasized the need for stakeholders to rally behind young Padel tennis players and called for the establishment of robust sporting structures from grassroots levels to tertiary institutions.

Despite Kenya’s loss to Argentina in an international match held during the exhibition, the event showcased the talent and passion for Padel Tennis within the country. With calls for increased support and investment, there is optimism that Kenya can emerge as a competitive force in the global Padel Tennis arena.

The enthusiasm exhibited by Chandariah, Sanchez, and other stakeholders underscores the growing recognition of Padel Tennis as a viable sporting option in Kenya. As discussions continue on the best strategies to promote and develop the sport, the prospect of building Padel Sports Academies stands as a crucial step towards nurturing the next generation of Padel tennis stars in Kenya.

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