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I am a ‘Goddess’ Kenyan Celebrity brags

Jun 23, 2021
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Marini Naturals CEO, Mitchell Ntalami marked her 37th birthday in style with a Kenyan made theme. She attracted uproar from Kenyans when she said she would use Kenyan Brands on her birthday.

Kenyans on Tweeter accused her of intending to use brands without paying.

On the contrary the brand owners did not mind giving their skills, accessories and time to the ‘Goddess.’ She got her services from big brands such as the Radisson Blue Hotels.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GODDESS THAT I AM! Soft, feminine and passionate. Yet still courageous, powerful and divine! Being a goddess does not feed your higher ego, it feeds the deeper soul. It means you hold compassion and love in your heart more than anger and hate. It means you honor your energy and divinity.

It means you are centered in yourself, and not the world. I’ve definitely made my mistakes and I’ve taken my falls. But I’ve also always risen from the ashes and reclaimed my power! And so today, I celebrate myself as the Goddess I am. Happy Birthday Michelle Ntalami!” she wrote on her Instagram.

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