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How Jimal Amira Couple Drama Made Amberay

Aug 9, 2021
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Businessman Jimal Rohosafi and his wife Amira were low key couples before Amberay joined the Marlow’s family.

When Jimal officially took socialite Amberay as his second wife, the drama began.

The push and pull between Amira and her co-wife Amberay left ugly trails all over social media.

It is through this drama that many people got to know about Amira, Jimal’s first wife.

In some instances, the whole drama left an egg on Amira’s face. An example is the fight between Amira and Amber that the latter showed on her Instagram Live.

However, negative publicity is still publicity, and its upon an individual to use it to their advantage.

And Amira has established the best way to make lemonade out of lemons.

A look into Amira’s Instagram page shows that she has used the publicity well to showcase her cloth line.

Before all the drama, Amira had not publicized her business. But now, she has gone all into marketing her fashion and make up business online.

Last week, Amira held a Yacht Party in Dubai to celebrate her birthday.

It is not clear whether she was being paid for doing this, but such deals come with a huge envelope.

The whole drama has given Amira a good opportunity to build her brand.

In her Instagram bio, Amira has disclosed that she is open to business opportunities asking potential clients to hit her up.

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