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FKF Members from North Eastern and Eastern Regions Condemn Diversion from Critical Issues

Mar 16, 2024 #FKF
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Football Kenya Federation (FKF) members representing the North Eastern and Eastern regions have voiced their disapproval of what they perceive as a diversion from crucial matters affecting the organization.

Dabar Ahmedqadar and Murithi Nabea, respectively serving as FKF NEC members for the North Eastern and Eastern regions, issued the statement following an emergency press conference held by the federation

The press conference, which was anticipated to address pressing issues such as the mismanagement of funds, the hosting of CHAN in 2024, and other pertinent concerns, instead focused solely on one individual – Hussein Mohammed.

Ahmedqadar and Nabea expressed dismay at the apparent prioritization of what they described as “petty and mediocre” concerns over those of greater significance.

In their statement, the NEC members highlighted the importance of upholding the principles outlined in the FKF Constitution, which provides clear guidelines for the conduct of meetings, including the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

They emphasized the fundamental right of clubs to choose their representatives for such gatherings, emphasizing that this principle is enshrined in the organization’s constitution.

The controversy arose when Murang’a SEAL FC sought to send Vice Chairman Hussein Mohammed as their representative to the AGM. However, the attempt was met with resistance, with some individuals within the federation deeming Mohammed’s attendance “ineligible.” Ahmedqadar and Nabea condemned this action, labeling it as a disregard for constitutional provisions and a violation of clubs’ rights to choose their representatives.

The statement from Ahmedqadar and Nabea comes at a crucial juncture for the FKF, as preparations for the upcoming AGM are underway. They called upon all members of the federation to prioritize unity and cooperation, urging adherence to the principles of transparency, inclusivity, and respect for the rule of law.

The stance taken by the NEC members reflects growing tensions within the FKF and underscores the importance of addressing substantive issues facing the organization. As the football community in Kenya awaits further developments, the call for accountability and adherence to constitutional principles remains central to the ongoing discourse surrounding the federation.

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