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Dr. Ekrah Ndung’u Ignites Leadership Spirit at Politrack Africa Gala

Apr 18, 2024 #Kenya News
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Dr. Ekrah Ndung’u, Chairperson of KENAPCO (Kenya National Association of Private Colleges), delivered a powerful speech at the Politrack Africa award gala held at JW Marriott hotel on Wednesday evening.

The gala honored Starleaders from the political elite, the Cabinet, and Principal Secretaries.

Dr. Ekrah captivated the audience with her confidence, charisma, and intellect, lighting up the room with her eloquence. She began her speech by extending her best wishes to the awardees and emphasizing the importance of leadership with a servant’s heart.

She fondly remembered her late Member of Parliament, who later became one of the country’s greatest Presidents. Dr. Ekrah quoted President Kibaki’s famous words, “Days of anything goes are over,” highlighting the responsibility that comes with leadership.

Hon. Mohammed Adow, MP for Wajir, added to Dr. Ekrah’s message by emphasizing that leadership is an opportunity to serve and occasionally disappoint without breaking the spirit of the people.

Dr. Ekrah Ndung’u – Chairperson Kenya National Association of Private Colleges

Dr. Ekrah urged leaders to be innovative, futuristic, and globally minded, borrowing wisdom from Al Maktoum. She emphasized the importance of developing successors, urging leaders to “photocopy themselves” by mentoring the younger generation to prevent a leadership vacuum.

Listening was another key theme of Dr. Ekrah’s speech. She reminded leaders of the missed opportunities during World War II, suggesting that listening to voices like Winston Churchill’s could have changed history.

As the people currently holding the pen of power, Dr. Ekrah encouraged leaders to use their influence wisely to serve Kenya’s vision 2030 and Africa’s agenda 2063.

She also congratulated the women representatives and Governor Wanga, emphasizing that gender should never hinder anyone’s leadership aspirations.

In closing, Dr. Ekrah reminded leaders that while public recognition is rewarding, their private lives matter most, urging them to create a transgenerational legacy for the future.

The gala concluded with a renewed sense of purpose among the attendees, inspired by Dr. Ekrah’s vision of leadership that serves, mentors, and looks to the future with hope and determination.

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