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Babu Owino Threatens to Exit Twitter if This is Not Done

Jul 20, 2021
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Embakasi East Member of Parliament, Babu Owino has vowed to exit Tweeter if his official account is not verified.
This is after Tweeter verified a pseudo account that he said was not him.

“If Twitter will not verify my real account within the next few weeks then I am sorry I will exit Twitter. I cannot/will not settle for less at all @verified,” wrote Babu on Twitter.

In a short video clarifying the same issue, the legislator said Twitter made a great mistake by verifying the account and warned Kenyans against consuming any information from the account, terming it fake.

“I would like to make a clarification on my Twitter account. My official Twitter account is @HEBabu Owino. Twitter has done a great mistake to verify a fake account under my name called @BabuOwino1. That is not my account, it is a pseudo account and I would like to distance myself from it.

“Any other information that Kenyans will get from that account, is a fake account which has been verified by Twitter, which means the scammers forged my ID and used it for verification of the same account so ignore it,” said Babu Owino.

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