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Nairobi MCAs Snub Sakaja Tournament,Demand Accountability

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Nairobi Azimio MCAs have snubbed the official launch of Governor Sakajas’ tournament after they realized  the hidden political card by the governor.

Led by Majority Leader Peter Imwatok the Azimio  MCAs says they are not UDA puppets and  no longer interested in governor’s political mind games and con games.

They demand accountability and transparency in his government failure to which they will send him home.

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Sakaja have been accused of siphoning revenue through current system that lacks transparency and using former South C MCA Osman Khalif to bulldoze County employees.

“We are not UDA officials I have made myself  clear that we need accountability not attending Super  tournaments to advance political agendas.It should be known that our call for  transparency remains high  and we must make sure everyone in Sakaja’s government is accountable.They must tell us why county staffs are being intimidated left right center by one Osman and how much the county is collecting and with which system.” Imwatok said.

A total of 340 teams, and thousands of youths, drawn from all the 17 Sub Counties in Nairobi will take part in the tournament, with the grand finale set for December 16, 2023.

 Will Sakaja Survive !?? Only time will tell.

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