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Keep off Mt. Elgon Issues, Pukose Tells Off Natembeya

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By Isabella Maua

Trans Nzoia County Governor George Natembeya has been warned to keep off engaging in matters associated with the new Mt. Elgon County.

Speaking at a funeral service in Kaptama, Mt. Elgon, Robert Pukose, who is the Member of the National Assembly for Endebess, dismissed Natembeya’s opinion regarding the formation of a new county cutting across Trans-Nzoia.

“Natembeya is not an MP to make laws, so he should concentrate on his gubernatorial duties as he awaits his exit. Trans Nzoia and Mt. Elgon are here to stay, but his leadership is temporary,” reiterated Pukose.

Kimilili MP Didimus Baraza, on his part, affirmed his support for the long-fought for Mt. Elgon County, however, emphasizing his bid to vie for the Bungoma top seat.

“I support your request for having your own county, but if your cry doesn’t yield fruit by 2027, vote for me as your Bungoma governor. We we continue to push this bid in unison,” mentioned Baraza.
He also added that he has no bad blood with the Sabaots who vastly occupy the Mt. Elgon region, and his name shouldn’t be tainted by his forefathers’ actions.

The Neglected Sabaot Nation
Jane Chebet, a former MCA and one of the delegates who represented Mt. Elgon in the memorandum at The Bomas of Kenya, greatly criticized Bungoma County leadership, citing negligence.

“Having served two terms in the county assembly of Bungoma, I can witness that our region is never prioritized in developmental projects, nor has any flagship projects ever been completed for the benefit of the minority Sabaot community,” cited Chebet.

She pointed out the High Altitude Training Centre at Chemoge as one of the most dragged-out flagship projects for over thirteen years since the beginning of devolution.

John Shikuku, an educationist and politician who has been so vocal in championing for Mt. Elgon County, echoed Chebet’s sentiments, emphasizing that if Mt. Elgon County isn’t viable, then the people will have no choice but to petition.

“For once, I support my brother Didimus for his openness, but in case we don’t get a county by 2027, we shall petition to get funds directly from the national government since we’re not by any chance remaining under Bungoma County rule,” reiterated Shikuku.

He further condemned the Speaker of the National Assembly, Moses Wetang’ula, for milking the Sabaot nation mercilessly despite being given massive support in his Ford Kenya party.

“We need to have at least 12 wards in Mt. Elgon so that we can have resources near mwananchi; we can’t continue allowing the likes of Wetang’ula to eat up the 30% fund allocation with no position given to any Sabaot in Ford Kenya, which they’ve fought for with blood and sweat,” bemoaned Shikuku.

Even with the heated debate on whether to increase or decrease counties in Kenya, the minority Sabaot community remains hopeful of self-rule.

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