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‘We will follow What Nairobi MCAs Want’ UDA SG Calls for Meeting

Oct 24, 2023
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Nairobi City County Assembly’s minority side is rocked by power wrangles.

This has seen the UDA side being divided into two factions with each eyeing the top leadership positions at the assembly.

On Monday, Malala made changes to the senior leadership of the party after 35 MCAs appended their signatures in support of leadership changes.

In his communication, Waithaka MCA Antony Kiragu and MCA Mark Mugambi were ejected as Minority leader and Minority whip respectively.

The changes saw South B MCA Waithera Chege appointed as Minority leader.

Waithera was to be deputized by Deonysias Mwangi (Guthurai MCA).

Umoja One MCA Mugambi was said to be replaced by Nominated MCA Joyce Muthoni as Minority whip.

Muthoni was to be deputized by Clay MCA Samora Mwaura as her deputy.

However, in a change of tune, Malala has convened a meeting for Thursday this week where the Nairobi MCAs are expected to meet before the party leadership and say what they want.

“I hereby convene a physical meeting to discuss, deliberate, build consensus, and address the complaints raised in the presence of all elected and nominated MCAs of the Nairobi County assembly under the UDA party on October 26, 2023, at 10 am,” Malala said in a letter.
According to Nairobi City County Assembly standing orders, the MCAs

decide who they want as their leader and then communicate to the party leadership before the Party informs the Speaker who later makes a communication to the house.
Currently, the house is on a short recess and communication is yet to be made by the Speaker.

Malala did not revoke his communication about the changes in the leadership as earlier communicated to the speaker.

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The UDA faction that is led by Kiragu has claimed that a senior official at the Nairobi Executive is pushing for the changes to ensure the impeachment of Governor Sakaja from office.

The Waithaka MCA said the executive official is working with some officials at the National government and Parliament to send Sakaja home.

“I have been personally approached to turn against the Governor but Sakaja is a UDA member and I stand with him,” Kiragu said.

UDA Secretary-General emphasized that the party’s secretariat will not take sides in the leadership wrangles but will listen and let members decide.

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